Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America

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About the Exhibit

"Women & Spirit" offered history museums across the country an opportunity to display artifacts and images that had rarely been seen by the general public. With a balanced approach that drew upon first-hand narratives, visitors discovered an untold story in American history.

The exhibit had a three-year tour and included supporting education materials as well as retail items.

From the time the Ursulines arrived in New Orleans in 1727 up to today, women religious have made an incalculable contribution to this nation. Running schools, hospitals and orphanages from America's earliest days, these women helped foster a culture of social service that has permeated our society.  Over the centuries these courageous women overcame many obstacles--both physical and cultural--to bring their civilizing and caring influence to every corner of the country.  Understanding and celebrating the history of women religious is essential to understanding and celebrating the history of America.
—Cokie Roberts, news analyst and author